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The two frog goblin Princes diaries

Doctor Rutgeir says “So what will it be that’s the first spell you teach me?” “First, we need to head to my office. There, we can discuss all of your classes.” You look at Sebastian and nod. “Sounds good.” You follow Mr. Mol to his office, where you sit and discuss all of your classes. Mr. Mol seems to know a lot about the classes, suggesting you sign up for the ones you sound interested in the most. After a few minutes, he hands you a piece of paper with all the classes listed. “You sign up for the classes you want, and I’ll place you in the appropriate sections. Don’t worry, we’ll have time to discuss everything.” You nod your head, and hand the paper back. Doctor Rutgeir says “can you teach me defense magic now?” “Definitely.” Mr. Mol passes it over. “Magic can be very dangerous, and its better to be safe than sorry.” You think about defense for a second. Dr. Rutgeir says “So I see” then goes on to say “start filling me up with magic” You grab Mr. Mol’s hand and pull it towards your chest. “Magic can be very dangerous, but defense can keep you alive. Start by giving me some of your magic.” Doctor Rutgeir gives him the firebolt spell. You cast a fire bolt out of your hand, but it fizzles out before it even hits the lounge chair. He stops the lightning spell in its tracks and touches the bolt with his finger. Doctor Rutgeir says “Impressed?” “Not really.” Sebastian casts a powerful lightning bolt at you. You quickly raise your hands up and the two forces of nature’s energy collide into one another, with you as the epicenter. Doctor Rutgeir says “you simply must teach me that one” he exclaimed “It’s rather easy, just channel your energy into a spell.” You channel all the energy you can into your hands and form fists. Doctor Rutgeir says “then what?” “Then I fire-beat the hell out of my opponent until he begs for mercy.” “It isn’t just punching, magic can be offensive, or healing, or distracting, there’s many ways to use it.” Doctor Rutgeir says “Now I would like to learn one of the more offensive ones.” -“Sure, but you’re not ready for that yet.” You hold up your hand and cast a fireball. Then you try to cast a lightning bolt. You aim your fireball, but Mr. Mol anticipates this and throws his hands up. You feel a sudden rush of wind push against your chest. “That’s what you think!” Doctor Rutgeir casts a lightning bolt from the left hand and

a fire bolt from the right hand, only to be hit by lightning from both sides, and collapse onto the ground. “I’m sorry, but magic is not for everyone. It requires passion, desire, and dedication. It requires your soul.” “Now, let’s discuss something else.” You frown. “Alright, discuss.” “I have a suggestion. In your spare time, why not study the library?” “That sounds like complete and utter drudgery. (Thinks to

himself about burning the library to the ground and relishes in the plan.) “Think of it this way, you’ll learn much more that way.” You sigh, and nod your head. “Alright.” You think for a second. “Alright, but in reality, what do I do?” He just smiles. “Whatever you like. I have no suggestions, I’m afraid.” You smile back. “Alright then.” You reach into your pocket and pull out some coins, tossing them onto the table. “Thanks for the lesson. I’ll be able to play something by tomorrow. I’m not too shabby on the flute, and my voice is good for singing.” “That’s fantastic! See you later! And don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it. I give you my word.” You frown. “But I need not worry?” “No. Not at all. Why would you?.” “Just a thought.” “Well, feel free to ignore it. I will leave you to it.” “Alright. Doctor Rutgeir says “Let’s head to the library and totally not set fire to it” You begin walking towards the door, but Doctor Reutgeir stops you. “There is one more thing.” Doctor Rutgeir says “oh yeah?” “We’re having a party next weekend. It’s for my students, but I think you’d be cool enough to come.” You stop walking, and turn around. “What’s this all about? Do I have to sing or something?” “Not at all. It’s just a party. Just come as you are. I promise it will be fun.” “Why does it have to be a secret?” “Oh, no reason. I just like keeping surprises for my friends, that’s all. Well, see you there! Doctor Rutgeir went by his signature farewells and punched Kelso so it broke his nose before leaving. Rutgeir, according to some, is a complete lunatic, but somehow he’s been able to help mostly, this far, so you’re not going to stop taking advantage of his oddball ways. The Doctor runs to the school’s library and starts setting flames to the books. “So, what’s the party about?” you ask someone inside the library, but he ignores you and begins to leave. “Alright, alright, fine. Here come the fireworks” Fizz.. Nearly every book in the library is on fire by now, and the heat is becoming an issue. Kelso looks on in disappointment. He had really loved to read. Doctor Rutgeir takes strange pleasure from seeing Kelso’s disappointment. “There you are, my boy! The library is on fire and there’s a raging inferno going on here. Let’s bounce!” You grab your bag from the floor, and head out the front door. No one was outside. The town must’ve heard of they all terrorists coming from a mile away. You step outside, and the sound of villagers screaming and fleeing is almost deafening. Kelso stands there, a helpless expression on his face. Kelso cant live with himself. Not after this. He begins sobbing. “This is my entire fault. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please… I deserve this. It’s… my life, not mine to live.” “Oh for…” the Doctor rolls his eyes. “He doesn’t mean anything he says. He’s a survivor. That’s it. He’s a good man.

Let’s go, Kit.” “Wait!” Kelso cries out, and begins running after you. “Please, I’m sorry too. I know I’m in the way, and I know I’m a burden, but… I’ll do anything. If it’s too much trouble for you guys, I’ll just go home. Please! Kelso also had a freaky sex orgy to attend to, he just remembered. The Doctor is stubborn, and you don’t want to piss off the militia. Kelso begs and begs and begs for being allowed to leave and go to his orgy. The Doctor says he doesn’t give a flying fiddler’s flapdick about it but, after about an hour of begging and crying,

 he capitulates. Then next was merrily Kelso on his merrymerry way to the

whorehouse, and you were off to go destroy the new weapons spies had gathered the Count was using to destroy the militia. You dive into the nearby woods, to a small abandoned cabin you’ve all used in the past. Doctor Rutgeir inspect cabin. The Doctor opens the door and flings his bag inside, closing it behind him. “Let’s do this. It’s just you and me, Kit.” “You sure you’re going in there by yourself?” Doctor Rutgeir says “Ghosts are a myth, Kit. Don’t be childish” “Fine. I’ll be back later, I’m sure you’ll still be here.” You walk away and begin your journey to

the cabin. You sit down in the cabin’s sofa, and start to reminisce about your day. All of those books. Burned! You begin to hear a voice in your head. “Hello there.” “Who are you?” you ask. “I am the ghost of the cabin. Doctor Rutgeir expels the ghost with one move. Do so, and any ghost will slink off. The Doctor stares around the room. “Well, but here is it to hugging the sweet, sweet, memories of the fire ravaged library of just before.” “So, what do I want to do?” The Doctor stands up. “Maybe go to the other library, and look at all those books!” Continuing, “First, we should assemble a team of frog goblins.” “Are you serious?” I want to bring a few with me to the library. You stay here and get started dragging them to the library. It’s going to be a pain in the arse, but we can manage it.” “Hm. Alright.” “Yeah, yeah. I’ll start dragging them over. Shouldn’t take long. You head to the library. I’ll be there in a jiff.” “Yeah, yeah. You bet. Later, Kit.
That night, as the men were fast asleep, two frog goblin princes visited them. “Wake up, you lazy bastards.” You hear the voice of a frog goblin. You groan, and slowly get yourself awake. “What?” one asks. “I’ve been sent here by the serviceman to help him with his work. Now get your fat asses moving.” You hear chuckles as you leave. “Fat asses?” you mumble. You stand up and begin to stumble out of the village. You look up at the sky to see the crescent moon glowing silver in the darkness. with both of the frog golblin royalty fast in pursuit, you begin to run through the wilderness. The goblins carry no weapons and rely on their speed to keep them safe from goblins and Men alike. Soon enough, they catch up to you. The older frog goblin

prince starts by annoting that always is the time that they might eat him, and described his body puny. “Go ahead, gobble him up.?!” The younger frog goblin prince begins to make his usual threats, and you have to hold him back with a punch to his snout. The frog goblin Princes love violence. It is one of the few things they seem to enjoy, and you don’t have time for their games. So, you want allegiance by some of the frog goblin warriors, asks the older frog goblin prince. You know the ones you mean, the young and naive ones that have not been corrupted by the Craxil yet. You will give them a chance to side with the humans, to avoid being eaten. Doctor Rutgeir says “AND TOGETHER WE CAN BURN LOTS OF LIBRARIES” Of this is all’s agreement. Agreeing to help them the goblins start to follow you, one by one. You lead them over to the library, which is fairly intact. you know that many of the goblin shamans will be able to take care of themselves. Pretty much, from now on. Doctor Rutgeir says “Ahh, so here we have the neighboring village’s library.” Immediately you take out a tinderbox, and begin to start a fire. You can see that many of the goblins are still eyeing you suspiciously. One even walks forward, his hand raised to strike. “Hey!” you say, grabbing his wrist. The goblin stares at you with tears in his eyes. “How does this help us?” he asks. You’re a little confused by the question. Doctor Rutgeir says “You are nothing but tools to me. Tools to burn libraries with” The goblins laugh at the frog goblin’s pitiful attempt at an in-grip. One even applauds him for it.
The younger Prince frog goblin’s eyes fill with tears again, and he begins to sniffle loudly. Doctor Rutgeir says “Dry your eyes mate” The frog goblin continues to sniffle and weep. He bows his head down, as his eyes begin to look like they’re going to pop out of his head. Doctor Rutgeir says “I know you want to make us all see how much this pain hurts.” The goblin’s eyes are leaking profusely now. He falls to his knees and puts his head in his hands, and then begins to wail. Doctor Rutgeir says “You’ve gotta walk away now; it’s over” “I’ve gotta walk away… now!” the goblin wails, hysterically. You nod, and begin to walk away with burning library at your back. Doctor Rutgeir says “If only someone would pay us for all this vandalism, we’d be RICH!!” The goblins whoop and holler. One of them reaches out to grab you, but you bat him away. “Enjoy yourself,” he says, as the goblin begins to crawl away on his hands and knees. You look at the pathetic sight for a moment longer, before kicking the goblin in the face and sending him falling to the ground.
You walk away with two burning libraries, the ability to cast lightning bolts, and good allegiance with the frog goblin horde.

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Posted on July 24, 2020, 5:03 a.m.

A nutty, manic yet endearing tale of a mystical wizard in training, strange creatures in a mystical land, whom embark on mischievous antics, on the quest to burn, destroy, and laugh at the damage caused... this remains to be a charming read, and a positive experience to those with eyes to read.

If only they were further rewarded with their hard efforts.

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