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The noises, the noises keep annoying me..

You are Drake, a young wizard living in the kingdom of Etera. You have come to a ruin searching for a mystical spellbook of great power called the book of sacredity. You look around and see the remnants of a long abandoned temple. Its been looted of anything of value long ago, but there are still a few secrets here to be had. You illuminate the search area. You study the walls, trying to find the correct symbols. As you trace the lines with your fingers, you begin to hear a chattering sound. You trace the lines and discover that they spell out a simple phrase. You read the phrase. “If you seek it, the book is in your possession.” With a start, you realize that the symbols must be playing a part in this. The longer you trace them, the more they seem to say. You proclaim to yourself “These signs are absolutely maddening” The lines spell out another phrase. “To master the book, you must kill yourself.” You stare in disbelief at the markings. These words mean nothing to you. You’re baffled as to their meaning. You say “Should I take the chance of dying for nothing if these markings aren’t right?” The markings spell out another phrase. “If you do not master the book, you cannot escape death.” You shake your head in confusion. You search high and low in the room for a book. You have searched the entire room and haven’t found it. You try to remote view it. You concentrate, trying to sense the presence of a book. Suddenly, you find yourself in a library. You look around and walk over to a bookshelf. You pick a book. it’s the one. you start reading. You take the book and open it up, beginning to read. “The book of sacredity is not something to be messed with.” You read. You frown, as the words make absolutely no sense to you, you, accustomed to the universe directly speaking to you. The book seems to be talking about something you didn’t even do!! Suddenly, the door behind you is kicked open. You turn to find a hooded figure standing in the doorway. He is dressed in a robe, and you cannot see his face. “Give me the book!” He roars, grabbing you by the scruff. You say “Hey this is my dream and I am the one that gets to take any control in this.” The man releases you, staring at you in confusion. “I don’t understand. You’re a wizard.” He says. “So are you, but you’re not controlling me.” You point out. You keep reading the book of sacredity. “This book teaches the reader the secrets of immortality.” You read. The man grins and takes a step towards you. “I could teach you these secrets, and more.” He whispers. You say “There will be no need for you teaching me anything. No, I am perfectly content with just this book.” The man backs away, shaking his head. “My apologies. I didn’t know your devotion so strong.” He says. “It is.” You reply. You sigh, and turn the page. You read for hours, and the man never comes back. As the days pass, you find that you are more intelligent than you were. You can understand anything you read, without having to read it again later. You don’t find this too useful, however, as you cannot find anything else to do. There are no libraries in the castle, as the Dornans consider them a waste of time. You say “But the book is certainly of great power, it should keep me perfectly at contention.” As you’re saying this, the book leaps out of your hands. “Shut up!” You hear it say. You look at the book in confusion, as it gives you a creepy grin. Drake thinks to himself, what if the book has a personality, and what would be the upswing of making friends with it. “You want me to make you more intelligent?” He asks. The book nods eagerly. “So you can do more, and better things with your life?” You go on with “Your life as a book, I mean to say.” The book seems to ponder this, as the smile drops from it’s face. “It is a rather harsh existence.” It admits. “Well I could make your life a whole lot better. You start giving a massage to the keel. You close your eyes, and start massaging the keel. After a few minutes, you begin to feel something. The wood of the book is beginning to change, beginning to feel like flesh and bone. Is the book of sacredity actually a prisoner of flesh and blood, trapped inside a book? The form of the book changes, as you can see now that it is no longer a stack of papers, but is instead a solid object. It stands up, and stares at you. You stare back. Suddenly, you feel your mind being reached into. “Do you know who I am?” The book asks. You take a moment before replying. “You’re a book.” You reply. “So are you.” “I’m more than a book. I’m a person, with a mind and soul.” You go on with “Wait, uhm, so are you! That’s the whole point. Anything can be anything it wants!!” You think for a moment. Could this book have an answer to everything? “Why do you exist?” You ask. The book 
seems to ponder this. “I exist to serve as an inspiration to readers everywhere.” It replies. You frown, and think for a moment. “Do you really?” You reply. “Of course. If I didn’t, I would’ve long died out of all of the texts that contain my existence. No, I don’t have any other answers for you. Goodbye. I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for here. I find myself inspired to write again.
You say “A book that is wanting to write again. Hm, amusing.” 

“I haven’t written in a long time. I think the last time was during the cataclysm.” You frown, and think for a moment. The cataclysm happened several centuries before your time. You say “I am above everything else interested in the secrets of immortality.” The book seems to glow brighter, as a hint of a smile makes it’s way onto it’s face. “Actually, I guess I'll be there for you. Then you’re right in the right place.” It replies. You say “Lay it out for me.” The book seems to smile, as it begins to explain. You try to carry it through with: “In order to increase your ultimate toll of years to near infinitive, you must first?” “Ponder about this.” It says, clearly disappointed at your lack of depth. You shout “Are you the book that I was promised or do I have to wring it out of you?” “Neither. You can’t get the book. You’re not important enough.” “So I’m just supposed to leave? You say. “Well if I’m leaving, here, you must at least teach me one magic secret” “Fine.” The book says, annoyed. The book looks at you, and its eyes glow. “I’m going to teach you how to kill someone with your mind. It’s called telekinesis.” “As in moving things with your mind?” You ask. “No, as in shooting someone with a bolt of lightning, or hurling someone across the room with your mind. It’s a very powerful ability.” “Wow, that’s really powerful.” “Sure is. Most people can’t even do the first one. It requires intense focus and control. Can you already do other types of magic?” “I can sort of control the elements.” You say. “You can? Let’s test that. Close your eyes.” You comply, and feel the book’s cool touch on your face as it passes over your body. “Now concentrate. I’ll lead you in visualizing what you want. Visualize a blue sky, with puffy white clouds. Now imagine a drop of water, small at first, but as you continue to visualize it, the drop grows until it the drop is the size of a tennis ball. Now imagine that the drop of water is you, and as you continue to visualize you, you begin to feel wet. Are you with me so far?” You nod your head. “Good. Now we need to try it. Picture that you’re flying. Up, up, up and far away. Can you feel it?” You feel as though you are actually flying. “Good. Keep going.” You keep flying, but as you do, you notice that some of the pages in the book have turned. “Is it working?” You ask. “Yeah, it’s working. Let’s try something else.” You close your eyes, and begin to feel the book’s cool touch on your face. “Just relax. I’ll take over.” You hear the book whisper. “Up, up and away. Feel the wind in your hair. Imagine yourself as a bird. Can you feel it? You feel as though you’re actually a bird. You flap your wings, and feel yourself lifting off the ground. You flap your wings harder, and begin to rise. You can see the ground getting farther away from you. “See? Easy. Keep going.” You keep flying, and soon you fly right out the window. You flap your wings once more, and begin to soar across the air. “Have you ever thought about how much could be accomplished if people just used their powers?” The book asks. “I suppose I have.” You take telekinesis to the max. “Just keep going!” the book says. You keep flying for hours, stopping only to eat the rations the book gave you. You push yourself to fly further and faster than you ever have before. You say “And this is culminating in allowing me to finally be able to kill people with my mind?” “Correct. This is the first time you can actually kill people with your mind, and it unlocks a lot more stuff.” The next thing you know, you’re falling. You try to fret not, but something is wrong. You quickly flap your wings to slow your descent, but by the time you stop your fall you’ve already broken your leg in several places. You scream in pain and try to bare “magic damages are just that, pure magic” close to your chest. You spend the rest of the day sleeping, which you end up spending at the bottom of a deep hole. You only wake up because you hear a faint whispery voice. Having had this happen quite often, you say “Oh no, it must be the hole men” You open your eyes, and the first thing you see is the pit of blackness that you can’t see the top of. You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself, but it’s no use. The hole men are approaching, and fast. Drake can hear them coming in from the entrance. They’re completely black, and without a face. They descend upon you, grabbing your limbs and dragging you from the bottom of the hole. You resist and cast defense magic tricks. You cast a few small firebolts, at nothing in particular, but you hear them crackle as they hit the walls of the corridor. On and on, you continue being dragged inside the hole by the hole men. You hear the rummaging and scratching noises from inside your mind. The fear is overwhelming, but you refuse to give up so easily. You pass out for a few moments, then wake up very out of it, somewhere, probably deeper inside the hole.

You punch yourself in the head a good few times and the scratching noises fade. You punch yourself in the head for hours on end, and you can hear the noises coming from inside your mind lessening slightly. You’re exhausted, and punch yourself again in the face, shattering your nose. Soon you will be just another’s wizard gravestone you lament. The scratchings start up again, and you break your other hand. The scratching is driving you mad, and you end up punching yourself in the face so hard you crack your skull. and that be that. The end of magical man
Drake Longstock. The scratching finally stops.

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Posted on July 24, 2020, 2:49 p.m.

This short story follows the misadventures of Drake, the clumsy yet determined wizard, or "magic man" if you will, who embarks on a wacky quest to learn ancient magics by delving into the mind and facing his worst fears, but his worst fear yet may be someone too close to home.

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