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Two Skirmishes of the Ghost Army

Together they made an army of ghosts. The army they had created would be posed to destroy the nearby town in the morning, so you decided to talk to them first. “No! We won’t be spooky anymore! We’ll scare the pants off them!” Magpie says. “Well, let’s do it then,” I hand out automatic riffles to everyone present. “Now, let’s scare the pants off them.” The ghosts surround you. You raise your hands, and all gunfire is stopped instantly. “What’s going on?” Wyatt asks. “We’re raiding the town!” you say. “Why?” Wyatt asks. “Because I said so,” you say. “I don’t like this,” Wyatt says. “This doesn’t feel right.” You start turning Wyatt into a ghost. Wyatt looks like he’s about to cry. “I don’t want to be a ghost,” he says. You use your most powerful ghost turning spell on him. “You’ll like it here,” you say. Wyatt is now a ghost. He begins to scream as all of the ghosts begin to laugh. “Ah, hahaha!” you laugh. You say “Wyatt, now I need you to raid the town with us and our army” Wyatt slowly fades away. “Very well, then.” “Alright, let’s get prepared for tomorrow.” they sleep, then they wake up and pick up riffles, then they eat breakfast and then they do it all over again. The nights are long, but everyone is doing their part. You say “Once the town is ours, we will make every man in there turn to ghost” The town begins to crumble and it’s inhabitants are losing their lives quickly and easily. You sit by the fire with Ragnor. You look over at him, and you realize he’s the only person here who isn’t like you. Hmm.
You use your most powerful spell for turning into ghost on Ragnor. “Ragnor, I have something to tell you.” “What is it?” Ragnor says. “I have found a way to make you into a ghost.” Immediately you cast the spell to make him into a ghost. Ragnor begins screaming. He begins trying to free himself from his chains. “Please! I don’t want to become a ghost!” he says. You keep turning him into a ghost. Ragnor is now a ghost. He looks at you. You laugh at Ragnor. Ragnor’s ghost screams at you. “Shut up,” you say. “Why are you doing this?” Ragnor asks. “I turn folk to ghosts. It’s my hobby.” you say. “Well, you’re not my favorite person, but I can’t say I’m not impressed by your ghost powers,” Ragnor joins the ghost army at ransacking the town. The next day, you sit with your army by the river. You wait for the enemy to arrive. You say “They cannot kill what is already dead. Victory is ours.” Kralmer nods. “Let’s go,” The ghosts arrive and begin their march towards the town. You say
“LET NO ONE MAKE IT OUT ALIVE!!” The town is no match for the power of the dead. Men scream and yell as they’re forced to leave their homes. Soon, there’s nothing but a pile of corpses in the streets. You say
“FRESH CORPSES FOR THE EATING!” That night, the scouts say they’ve found the remaining forces. You give the order to launch a full attack. “Alright, let’s do this!” you say. The battle begins. Everyone in the ghost army that knows magic sends the remaining forces of the town firebolts, exploding paste, freezing ice, and more. It’s a bloodbath. However, the remaining guards hold their ground. The battle goes on for a while. Men scream and yell as weapons smash into each other. “Let no one escape!” Kralmer shouts. Soon, you see the gates of the town beginning to open. You shout “Now is the chance!!!” The ghost army charges forward. Men scream and try to run, but the ghosts catch them. They stop screaming after you enchant their lungs to be filled with fear. You let a handful of scorpions out of your pocket. You release a few scorpions out of your pocket and into the air. They land on the backs of some of the guards. You instruct Ragnor that he oversee the changing the men to ghosts. Ragnor nods, and goes over to the men. He begins to chant. The guards continue fighting, despite being half transformed into ghosts. They’re scared, but they continue to fight. Kralmer has a bucket of acid he throws over the men. Soon, there’s nothing but a pile of bones, and what is left of the town begins to run out of power. The ghosts begin to dissipate and the men are left in bloody, torn clothes. All dead, and quickly turning into ghosts, which will feed the ghost army with more combatants. Victory is assured. The journey back to Aftermath is filled with a sense of triumph and victory. When you arrive, everyone is cheering. “We did it! We did it!” Hazel shouts. You say “But this was just the start! We attack every town in the country next” The next day, you sit in the war room, planning your future attacks. You ask Ragnor which place they should attack next.
“The city of Garwold, it’s a big one and pretty important. Plus it’d be cool to kill some elves,” he says. You say “Gather the troops. We attack at first light tomorrow.” The next day, you get everyone ready. You also tell Ragnor that he’ll be in charge of the new regiment of archers, as you feel his experience with such a force would prove useful. You say “Kralmer gets to lead the newly assembled cavalry unit (with ghost horses)” “Hey, these look pretty cool!” Kralmer says, admiring the ghost horses. You nod. Henry gets to handle most of the transforming to ghosts, as he did last time. However, he’ll have the help of both Ragnor and Kralmer this time. Once again, you’re prepared to move out. The city of Garwold was on the other side of the valley, and notorious for being peaceful. The elves didn’t even expect an attack. They were caught completely off guard when the ghosts materialize in their forest homes. It’s not long before the battle is over, and victory has been achieved. Henry, Ragnor and Kralmer were then sent to scoop up the dead, and turn them into ghosts. They returned with dozens of elven bodies, which were transformed and sent to feed the ghost army. The townspeople were pretty scared by all this, and wanted to make an agreement. All the ghosts said no, and they were coming to take the townspeople’s everything. Houses, land, livestock, weapons, tools and basically anything they had. This went on for a couple days. The few remaining townspeople were becoming increasingly desperate.

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