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Henrick superspy spies out about reality.

You have a choice of using a syringe of poison or a pistol to kill the men who are raiding the bank. You decide to use the pistol, and take up a firing position. You shoot them all in the face. You shoot one of the robbers’ face off. And you shoot a man in the face as he falls to the ground. You signal to your men that it is safe to leave the bank and make your escape. on to the next case… Now Henrick goes to a coffee shop in the morning. He orders a coffee and sits down. He begins drinking his coffee, while looking around the room to see if he recognizes any of the people in the room. He stares like a maniac at one of the younger girls there. Her eyes meet his, she goes pale and looks away. He thinks that she looks familiar. A man comes up to him and asks if he would like to join him and his friends for a poker game. You say sure, but only if you get to stick your hand into his pocket first. You agree to the game, but insist on having your hand put into the male questionee’s pocket before you begin playing. As soon as you do, you pull out the guy’s pistol. Immediately you forget all morals. You threaten everyone at the coffee house that they’re going to die. You point the gun at several people and demand that they tell everyone in the room to get on their knees. The men comply, but the women of the coffee house seem a bit terrified. You expose your self with a boner. You feel a surge of power, as everyone in the coffee house knows exactly what you’re planning to do. “I’m going to rob the bank!” You yell out, and begin shooting people at random. someone takes a pool cue and goes after Henrick, as he is left in charge of the crowd. You shoot point blanc in the face, and then another one, and then a customer…and then you are shot in the stomach. but whence you feel your blood, and especially licking it of your fingers, it invigorates you. So you reach for your pistol, but realize that you dropped it when you were shot. You think of how it would have been if business was still accompanied by a partner, Harry. Who he would have brought with. He would have made the job much easier. you wonder if you should exit the building or stay and fight. But since 90% of the town’s police force had been shot down in the street, like dogs, Such that he didn’t have to worry quite so much, then suddenly he was holding a coffee cup of coffee in his hand. He orders a taxi and gets inside it, but the man driving the car is shot dead through the window before he can do so. He orders another taxi but then the same happens. He calls out for the police while he sips his coffee but then realizes that he doesn’t know their names. At least three men are after him and there is no escape under none of any regular settings. Finally, he finds a mask in the street and liked to wear it as a disguise. It makes him look silly and he realizes that it is going to make him an easier target. still, he continues on wearing it. Finally, he gets to the bank from before, where he is still open doors but no one in, and hides in the basement. He waits for the men to arrive and begin firing at him. But not before summoning the antichrist, who takes out several of the robbers with a hail of bullets. He runs into the street and shoots at the robbers, killing several of them, before they kill him with their return fire. Henrick finally realizes why he’s been so hard to kill. All life is a video game and he is a walking score. Henrick bursts out of the basement like a maniac and guns down the rest of the police force. He then gets into a police car and begins, futile to find meaning, chasing the robbers. Henrick tries not to think of the existential dread he’s experiencing, he focuses on the game and his ability to kill. the police car is clearly out-gunned and will not survive long in this pursuit. But existential dread is getting the better of him, and he has to go lie down for a second. he gets back up and continues firing at the robbers, but he is having trouble aiming as his hands are shaking. his hands are shaking like a milk shaker at a bar. The antichrist begins taking control of the car and he steers it into a wall, flipping it over. somehow the car can still drive though, must be the ‘because this is a video game’ part. Anyway, he’s going really fast and crashing into the other cars, which are also driven by men on a mission. He swerves through the road and crashes through the wall of a house, flipping the car once more. somehow, he gets out of the car and walks away. Cars and guns seem unable to kill me, he thinks. So he heads back to the coffee shop, killing people left and right, this was a veritable Baghdad by now but then, he gets out his shotgun and blows a hole in the wall, entering the coffee shop. the owner of the coffee shop is terrified and lost both his legs and begs for mercy. “MATE, I’M IN A VIDEO GAME!” he shouts. “YOUR LIFE IS NOT REAL! IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU LIVE OR DIE! MATE FFFFFF…” A bullet through the side of the head ends the coffee shop owner’s life. He walks through the carnage, feeling his way through the darkness, and into an alley. the police are converging on the area. “FUCK!” he shouts. if he can take them both out it’d have to happen now. so he runs at the car, and blasts the glass out of the window with his shotgun, then enters the car. aiming his shotgun through the broken window he fires a spread of pellets at the police car. Next up is ordering a plane flight to Ghana.

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